Genre: Drama / Love Story

Director: Hemraj BC

Actors: Shristi Shrestha, Anmol KC, Salon Basnet, Gaurav Pahadi, Menuka Paradhan

Price: $0.00


Aramv (Anmol KC) has just come to Nepal after completing his graduation in film-making from the US. His father (Krishna Malla) is modern and believes in freedom of choices for his children. But his mother (Gauri Malla) is strict and wants her children to follow traditional norms and values. He has an older sister Prakriti (Menuka Pradhan) and both siblings have common friends Jason (Salon Basnet), Rajiv (Gaurav Pahari) and Lakshya (Rithik Shahi) who are inseparable.

In the quest of making a documentary, Aramv get to know Sujata (Shristi Shrestha) who is a former Kumari — Living Goddess of Kathmandu. They become friends or even more. But will their relationship survive due to the belief that a man dies if he marries a former Kumari?

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